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Behind the scenes at Frizz Marketing: Tracy Jensen


Tracy Jensen, Owner

I am a Marketing and Communications Specialist who seamlessly blends a background in branding, communications and community outreach, bringing an authentic voice to each of my projects. In everything I do, I bring the passion of an activist, the determination of a mom and the sense of humor of someone who lives pretty darn close to Second City.

For over 15 years, I have worked with a range of organizations to extract and develop their central identity and message, creating compelling and effective communication tools for a variety of audiences.

I started my career in the always-churning-content world of publishing. As Development Editor, I analyzed the competition, created content plans for my portfolio of prestigious authors and expertly advocated for those books to be adopted into the marketplace.

Continuing on my path of advocacy, I accepted a fundraising role with the American Cancer Society. During my tenure, I catapulted a stagnant fundraising event over the $1 million mark for the first time by launching a comprehensive online campaign that was soon modeled in other regional offices.

Most recently, I focused on brand building in e-commerce via a rapidly growing children’s book website, Put Me In The Story. I led the launch of new product lines, key licensor partnerships, and a website redesign while spearheading the marketing strategy for the expanding consumer base.

In addition to my in-office career, I have spent the past five years embedded in the writing and social media communities. I have written for a number of platforms, including the BlogHer Publishing Network, EverydayFamily, Chicago Parent, and ChicagoNow. Accordingly, I’ve learned that building an audience doesn’t happen overnight. It develops over time by delivering good, customer-centric information.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in two areas: building brands and engaging my audience. I love working with companies who know they need to build, and creating the content and strategy that drive results.

What about away from work?

Offline, I’m a marathoner and an outdoor girl. I enjoy volunteering and fundraising, and instilling that sense of community in my two kids. We love to hit the road on adventures, often with our dog in tow.

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