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How much information should I include in my marketing emails?

Client Asks: 

My business offers a number of different services. When someone new joins my email list, I don’t know how to get all the information in front of people without overwhelming them.

I’ve tried newsletters that include a message about each service area, but even though my open rates are solid, it’s not converting into new business. What can I do?

Frizz Answers:

This is a common question I get from businesses. First, it’s important to celebrate the wins:

(1) People are signing up for your emails

(2) People are looking at the messages you send

(3) There are some easy tactics to break your services down into more bite-sized messages.

My favorite explanation about WHY we need to keep emails short is this: People have shorter attention spans than goldfish – and we have a heck of a lot more distractions.


Here’s what has worked well for a number of businesses I’ve worked with:

(1) Set up an automated campaign for anyone that joins your email list. When they enroll, they should first immediately get a welcome email thanking them for signing up, and letting them know they will receive periodic messages from you.

(2) Establish a time frame for the automated series. The first message should an overview of who you are and what services you provide. Let them know that they will receive [x] messages over [y time frame], spotlighting the services that you offer.

(3) Next, build a series of messages, each one spotlighting one service. How you approach this can vary: It may be a description of the service, a problem you solved for a client, or a video spotlighting that service in action. Keep these messages succinct, and whenever possible, try to stick with one call to action. (Bonus points if you’re using click segmentation, but that’s a topic for another day.)

(4) When the series concludes, these new leads will have information about the full range of your business – which means you can continue to send specific, targeted messages going forward.

Would your business benefit from an automated service series? I can help.

What tips do you have for sending promotional emails? Leave a comment below! Got a question to be featured (or just in general)? Drop me a line!

Article photo credit:
 Hans-Peter Gauster 
on Unsplash