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the importance of storytelling

What’s the right way to get my business message across?

I met with a client who was trying to figure out why they weren’t getting the expected engagement with their email campaigns.

The issue ultimately came to storytelling.

This organization provides a fairly complex program. Because not many people were familiar with them, they tried to explain the full service offerings in every email. Accordingly, potential clients became overwhelmed and stopped reading all together.

Here, in a nutshell, is how we reformulated their content plan:

1. Simplify the message: You don’t have to include the kitchen sink in every campaign. Engage your clients/readers in shorter, ongoing messages. (And even if you think you’ve been brief enough, go back and check again for what you can cut.)

2. Focus on the why. What need are you filling or question are you answering? How are you going to make their lives better?

3. Make it visual.  With short attention spans, images, videos and gifs are helpful to grab and keep attention.

4. Check your work. Look at where people spend time on your website – and where they click off. Review email campaign reports. Survey your clients. Gathering data about resonates is critical for success.

There’s clearly a lot of work that goes into crafting effective content. But even changing your mindset while writing keeping these steps in mind can start the process of shifting your writing.

Great free resource 

While this podcast from Brian Buffini and Donald Miller is directed at the real estate industry, it has fantastic applications to businesses across the board. Take a listen!

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Feature image credit: Chris Leggat on Unsplash
Article photo credit:
Samuel Zeller on Unsplash