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What should I write about?

Frequent Question:

I want to send out regular emails and my website but I don’t know what to write about.

Frizz Answers:

If you’re scratching your head trying to create content relevant to your clients, here are a few ideas:

(1) What do customers ask you?

Your clients’ FAQ are a great place to start for content: It’s relevant to your target audience and feels more personalized. And remember: It doesn’t have to be novel-worthy. Quick and easy is all you need.

(2) Really Good Emails

A colleague turned me on to Really Good Emails and I am in love. Browsing their site can give some great ideas, but I also recommend signing up for their weekly emails. They share samples, stories, hacks and favorites.

(3) Businesses and organizations crush on

Whether it’s an organization you do business with or a leader whose style you love, take advantage of the social channels you’re on and follow. Sign up for newsletters. Bookmark pages that make you feel motivated. I love reading content from businesses striving to build each other up – and it motivates me to come up with content that will do the same.

(4) Medium

This site is bursting with long-form content about a incredible variety of topics. (I searched marmots today and was both surprised and a little confused about the number of hits I got.) It’s an easy site to navigate, and it can get your eyes on some authors you might not otherwise come across.

(5) Twitter

Twitter is another playground with every topic under the sun. Why get bogged down in someone else’s content when you can keep it to 280 characters or less?

What are your favorite sources of inspiration? Let us know in the comments! Got a question to be featured (or just in general)? Drop me a line!

Feature image by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Article image by Austin Distel on Unsplash