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Our 3-hour strategic plan workshop is your essential starting point BEFORE you build your marketing plan.

Based upon the proven 12-step framework of The 60-Minute Strategic Plan, Frizz Marketing has created a hands-on workbook to help you identify your central goal in a concrete, measurable manner, while building the tactics and actions needed to drive every decision you make for your business.

At the same time, you learn the mindset and tools to be able to continue to use this framework for your business on an ongoing basis.

At the end of the session, you have a completed strategic plan ready for implementation.


One-on-one or team workshops

This workshop is effective for both business owners or leadership teams. Gathering your team to create the business’ strategic plan ensures buy-in from key stakeholders – which improves the likelihood of implementation and success.


group sessions

Are you a member a business organization for small businesses or nonprofits? Group workshops provide a great opportunity to build individual plans while getting ideas and feedback from your peers.

virtual workshops

Not based in the Chicagoland area? No problem. We offer virtual workshops held via video conference. Your workbook and materials are sent to you in advance and sessions are held through Zoom.

“I now have an actual plan and the vision to remind me why I’m doing it.”

Pamela K.

why this workshop?

How this passion project became a key Frizz service

Some years ago while working in-house, the CEO of our company came back from a retreat and presented The 60 Minute Strategic Plan to our leadership team. I was responsible for marketing and product development at the time for a new eCommerce platform. A 12-step program, it walked through key issues, opportunities, and tactics while providing a mindset for how to approach every subsequent decision we made in our business.

I fell in love with it because while many people focus on creating a marketing plan, they don’t create tangible goals to drive what they really want to be doing with their marketing. It requires some work and digging, and creating time-bound and measurable goals.

This is a critical skillset for small business  and nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs – and something I knew I wanted to teach others.

After founding Frizz Marketing, I talked with the authors, who provided me with a wealth of information and materials. Over time, I have now developed my own workbook with their foundation, creating a hands-on tool for use during the workshop, and an easy reference for afterwards.

While I love all of my work, these workshops are my favorite – and the “aha” moments they bring never get old!

Frizz Marketing has permission from authors of The 60 Minute Strategic Plan to utilize their content.

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