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Why do you choose Constant Contact when there are less expensive options?

Frequent Question:

Why do you choose Constant Contact when some platforms are less expensive – or event free?

Frizz Answers:

I get this question quite a bit, particularly from businesses that are just starting out. And I get it – I have spent plenty of time bootstrapping; I keep a close eye on every dollar that I use for marketing and operations.

First, to be clear: I work with clients on their email platform of choice – and there are many.

I became familiar with Constant Contact because a number of the companies for whom I worked in-house used it, and I enjoyed the platform from the outset. I found it easy to drive even when I was a novice in email management, and I have always found the customer support to be responsive. 

Seeing behind the curtain as a Certified Solutions Provider has only solidified my loyalty to this program, for the following reasons:

(1) Consistent innovation – at an affordable price. The Constant Contact product team continually strives to improve – both within email marketing and as a more robust marketing tool for small businesses and nonprofits.

Going back to the issue of finances – when I can manage multiple facets of my marketing in this portal, I actually save money versus working piecemeal.

A Sommelier friend told me that wine doesn’t have to be a luxury item; “the best wine is the cheapest one you love.” It’s similar with email platforms. There are less expensive platforms, but I have not found the tools to be as intuitive or robust – and at the end of the day, I just have a headache.

Here’s a snapshot of what I mean – These are many of the innovations and updates made just in the last 18 months. Constant Contact Partners were given a sneak peek for what’s slated for the rest of the year, and it’s only going to get better.

(2) Customer Service. As I mentioned earlier, as a client I was always happy with Customer Service. As a Partner, that’s something that I get to ratchet up for my clients.

  • Clients still have direct access to CC customer support
  • They have access to me as a resource
  • I have access to an Account Manager escalation is needed
  • We have an active Facebook forum where Solutions Providers can get ideas and feedback, which is particularly helpful when a client issue comes up quickly. The CC team is also active here so when issues arise, we are able to make product recommendations to the team as well.
  • I’ve been impressed with how Constant Contact works to keep their Partners looped in, not just accepting our suggestions, but actively seeking them and often asking for help Beta testing.

So, I’ve found the right platform for my business. If you need help comparing what’s available to determine what works for you, I’m happy to help.

Disclosure: As a Constant Contact Certified Solutions Partner, I am compensated for the accounts I secure. This article is in response to a FAQ. I was not compensated for this, and all opinions expressed are my own.

While Constant Contact is my preferred platform, it is not necessarily the right resource for all clients.

What do you love about your email platform? What are you missing? Let us know with a comment below! Got a question to be featured (or just in general)? Drop me a line!